This Doggy Date Night Pachage comes with eveything you need to ensure your pup has a great date! 


IPA lot in the Yard Ingredients: Bone in pork butt, turmeric,

basil, mint, fennel, ginger, celery, filtered H2O

Mailman Malt Licker Ingredients:

Chicken, turmeric, ginger, oranges,carrots, basil, cilantro,

fennel, filtered H2O

Crotch Sniffin' Ale Ingredients:unsalted peanuts,unsalted almonds,whole grain oats,cinnamon,

filtered H2O

Session Squirrel Ingredients: Carrots, apples, green beans,

celery, oranges, sweet potatoes, ginger,

turmeric, mint, filtered H2O

Doggy Date Night Package