Our Fans! Zoe and Bentley

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

"Fur Babies Bakery treats are simply the BEST! How can you beat all natural at a great price!!

Zoe and Bentley absolutely love all of the treats. Zoe is basically a furbaby garbage disposal and will eat everything. Her favorite Furbabies Bakery treat are the peanut butter cookies. Bentley on the other hand is the pickiest pup out there. In the past I would go to the pet store grab some toys and treats to bring home to my babies. Once again, Zoe ate it all but then there was Bentley. I was never able to find something she absolutely loved until we found Cheese and Carrots Fries.

I can’t wait to spread the word and good eats Zoe and Bentley have found with all of their friends! Thank you for making these delicious treats! You have made our bellies full and hearts happy!" - Kelly Paxton

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