I wanted to create healthy and tasty treats that I knew my Fur babies would love,that provided them the nutrition they needed. I spent the last 15 years making tasty dog treats for my Fur babies as an alternative to the preservative laden mass produced treats that were available in the pet stores and supermarkets. I never thought to bring it to the masses until now. Newt was my Boxer. I had him for 8 glorious years and that entire time Newt struggled walking on a leash.  Newt was food motivated so I began making his treats to assist us during his walks. IT worked! Newt loved the homemade treats and it made our walks and playtime so much more enjoyable. I lost Newt on December 4, 2018 due to Liver Cancer. 


Emma was my Boston Terrier. I had this beautiful bundle of joy for 14 years. Emma loved being in the Kitchen while I was cooking and baking. Emma had a very sensitive tummy that would not allow her to eat most of the supermarket treats. Sadly I lost Emma on April 12, 2019 due to medical reasons associated with growing older. I truly believe that making healthier treats for my fur babies helped them to live longer, more fulfilled lives. 


Having to say goodbye to my fur babies who loved me their entire lives, I found myself in a void,  looking for a way to help other fur babies like Emma and Newt. I also needed to find what would make me happy and allow me to continue sharing the treats Newt and Emma loved with the world. So I started FurBabies Bakery.  FurBabies Bakery will provide your Fur babies with healthy and tasty treats they deserve and will bark for each and every day. 


I have three amazing Fur Babies at home now, Jake, Miley, and Sybil. They help with research and development (taste testing) of new treats and help me in the kitchen, and often accompany me when we are showcasing our treats at local farmers markets or events. 


Your Fur babies like mine are family so TREAT them accordingly!